Hello guys and gals, welcome to my clothing and shoes and accessories blog. I got a reminder on Facebook the other day that showed me a picture of me and some friends back in 2008 and boy, we looked silly. My friends all had that tattoo necklace thing on their necks, and we all wore awkward reference shirts that none of us understood. The 2000’s were a period of good movies, bad choices and even worse clothing so let's take a look at some of the worst fashion trends on the 2000’s. 

Lace Up Shirt

We put ties on literally everything that decade. Sides of jeans, pant zippers, socks, and even the bust of your shirt. While it looked wildly impractical and felt super awkward when the ties started digging into your chest, it was still cool. I think. 

Plastic and Rubber Bracelets

We all had these, from the kids catching the bus to school to the young adults that were always chasing after skunks in the park. Not only did we have one, we would have as many as we could afford going on both arms if possible. The goal was to cover both arms to about half way up our elbow, a goal most of us never accomplished. I did however manage to buy them from the thrift shop and sell them in class for a profit, so there is that. 

Ed Hardy Shirts

Disclaimer-I still see guys with these Bedazzled style of shirt, but I am hoping they will die out soon. The guys wearing these shirts were usually the same ones with a wallet that had a chain on it that was attached to their belt, and sleeves of colorful tattoos that might have came from the vending machine out front, but you don’t want to get close enough to find out.

 plastic bracelet