The Perfect Steampunk Outfit

Hello, and welcome; to the world of tomorrow! Just kidding, welcome to my clothing and accessories blog. Is anyone planning on attending any Cons this summer? I am going to be attending SteamCon when it comes near me. For this I am going to need a killer Steampunk outfit which means that I am way too late to start planning! But, I am planning it now so oh well. I think I have a pretty good idea, good enough that I am going to share it with all you lovely people. Any regular readers will know how frugal I am thanks to my Black Friday post. This translates to me buying all the pieces to my outfit from which I think if you are smart, you will do the same. Let's start this off with the top, shall we?

 steampunk outfits 

Bomber Jacket

One of my favourite looks in a Steampunk top is the classic leather jacket. It can be adorned with whatever you want on it and once it gets roughed up a little, it looks like you stepped out of Rapture. My personal favourite is the Bomber Jacket, which I plan on wearing for my outfit. I found my used Bomber jacket on and they had many types, so I am sure you can find the perfect jacket for your outfit. Anyone who read my post about Oxfords or Loafers (which you can read here if you haven’t already knows how much thought I put into deciding what exact article of clothing I get, so you should expect some great choices from the website above. 

vintage bombers jacket 

Welding Goggles

Why are all Steampunk characters characters wearing welding goggles? So they can constantly add new pieces of metal to their costume obviously. I actually have no clue, but I bet it has something to do with that. No matter the cause, it is undeniable that welding goggles are a part of Steampunk. Looking at websites selling Steampunk clothing(like this one and you will see lots of welding goggles. You could buy these, and pay the ridiculous price. Or you could be smart like me and get actual used welding goggle( I got mine from which is a great website for used clothing and accessories) for way, way cheaper 

welding goggles 

Random Bits and Bobs

Something I love about Steampunk outfits is that you can get really creative with them. I don’t mean “ooh this color scheme is crazy!” I mean more like “Lets out a magnifying glass on a compass and glue that to a hat”. I might not be doing exactly that for this outfit, but I will be doing something similar at least. I was thinking of having a map on my arm, like the old sailor in Family Guy. I don’t know if that counts as Steampunk, but it sounds pretty cool! Take care everyone, talk to you again next month.