Hello my loyal followers, welcome back to my clothing, shoes and accessories blog. If you are anything like me, then clothes make your very happy. Sometimes if I am feeling down, I like to throw all of my clothes onto the bed and just lie on them, maybe roll around a little bit. I have been having a pretty stressful couple of months lately, and fun clothes are one of the things that has helped me loosen up. Here are some of my tips on using some fun clothes to get your out of that funk. 

Silly Styles

Sometimes you need to just realize that things aren’t nearly as important as they seem. Overalls, for example are a serious working persons article of clothing. If you put them on you are usually going to get dirty and maybe even rip them a bit. But put them on with a nice sun hat and some sandals and you are ready for a silly photo shoot! It can be really easy to worry, easy to feel like everything needs to be figured out last week. When you do this though, you forget to smell the roses, coffee and whatever else beautiful smells are along the journey. So put on some overalls, and take some silly photos. 

Color Fun

Simply put, start clowning around! Pull out those tie dye, patched up clothing and go crazy. The more colors you can get in one outfit, the better. Bonus points if you have really creative and colorful makeup! The second part is again, take some silly photos. Maybe some shots of you with balloons, or just outside enjoying the weather and taking some great nature shots. If you go out and take any photos, make sure to let me know how the turned out, and how you are feeling afterwards!

 Colourful socks