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One of my favourite moments at a friend's recent wedding was watching my 5 year old daughter walk down the aisle wearing a miniature version of the brides dress throwing petals as the bride followed behind.  Yes, last weekend my littlest daughter was the Flower Girl for a wedding and she couldn’t have been any more excited.  

Traditionally every wedding would have Flower girls and Ring Bearers as well as Bridesmaids and Groomsmen, but in recent years there had been a move away from including the first two.  And aside from the Bride who of course looks magical on their special day, Flower girls have been known to steal the limelight.

flower girl 

Ideas for Flower Girls.

There are so many different ideas for Flower Girls from dressing them up as a miniature bride to throwing it to the wind and letting them dress themselves.  Here’s my favourite ideas for Flower Girls.


Walking the cat or dog.

If you’re someone who feels your pets are part of the family then including them in your wedding can mean a lot.  One of the best ways to include your pet is to have them as the ring bearer, walked down the aisle by the flower girl.  Adorn the leash with flowers and ribbons.  Adorable and Festive.

flower girls dog 

Matching Dresses.

Wearing a beautiful white dress?  Why not dress up your flower girl like a mini me.  This works great when wearing an elegant and simple dress.  For my wedding we found some cheap flower girls dresses online here; https://www.easyprices.com/fashion/wedding-dresses-for-flower-girls-cheap

For other dress ideas check out; http://www.brides.com/flower-girl-dresses/photos. 


Stylish Headbands.

If flowers aren’t really your thing but you love the idea of including a younger member into your wedding party then why not look into other headbands.  You can find so many beautiful, elegant and stylish headbands for flower girls without the floral additions.  I found some beautiful headbands made from feathers, pearls and rhinestones from secondhand online classified ads websites like https://www.easyprices.com/fashion/wedding-flower-girl-headbands-cheap.



If you don’t want your flower girl to chuck petals there's lots of different ideas out there.  You can get your flower girl to carry balloons, a garland strung between the flower girl and the ring bearer or maybe carrying a sign.  If you’re flower girls are too little, then why not build a wagon to carry them down the aisle.  Decorate the wagon with flowers and blooms for extra festivity.  

 flower girl


During my wedding we had two flower girls.  One of them was carrying flowers and sprinkling petals along the aisle, whilst the other blew bubbles.  This worked great because it amused the girls and made them giggle which just added to the happiness of the day.  Look for some at www.easyprices.com.



Whilst some go matching dresses, I love the idea of matching shoes. If you read my blog before you might remember a previous post about wedding shoes, and I think flat versions of the Vivienne Westwood heels would be darling.

Thanks for reading.  If you haven’t had a chance to please check out my post on Coldgear and Heatgear.