Hi everyone, how are we all?  I’m finally over the flu, which I seem to have had for the past 3 weeks. It’s amazing finally being able to smell again!

I’m running a bit short on time today, meant to be meeting some friends to go out for dinner but I was feeling inspired and wanted to share a quick post for you all!  

A work colleague of mine was going home from work on the London Underground a couple of days ago.  When she got home she realised someone had stuck a sticker to her faux fur coat saying ‘That fur can’t warm your ice cold heart.’ This shocked me, so I wanted to share some thoughts on fur.

faux fur


Faux fur

Now I know that this is a controversial topic no matter what circles you run in but I wanted to talk about faux fur coats seeing as they are everywhere on the streets right now.  

Without turning this post too political I’m strictly again real fur coats, unless it’s vintage, but I love the look of faux fur.  


There are many different types of faux fur coats, from long haired to short haired to curly haired, natural shades to vibrant brights to classic patterns.  WIth faux fur no matter what your style there’s a coat out there for you.


Shorter coats work great and look super stylish.

Looking for a classy option? Check out the mid length ranges.

Need something dramatic? You can’t go wrong with a floor length fur coat.  Just be careful there aren’t any puddles


One of the biggest problems with wearing a fur coat is they tend to be incredibly hot underneath.  However, your extremities can get cold and it can be hard to style. We like pashminas and leather gloves for underneath, you want to keep the look incredibly classy. Look out for slightly patterned scarves.