Hey people, hope you are all well. With the holidays soon approaching, I thought my blog about clothes, shoes, and accessories needed something talking about clothes for the cold season. I played a lot of sports when I was younger, and still have a large collection of Under Armour and Nike shirts from then. As I played all year round, there are two types of shirts-coldgear and heatgear. This stuff has been a lifesaver in my adult life as no other clothing can stand the temperature that these pieces do, and nothing allows you to do what you need to do still as much as this. But the pieces themselves can be confusing to buy sometimes, and the employees at the store usually know little about it. That is why I thought that I would spend this week's post talking about the difference between coldgear and heatgear and which one you should stock up on this winter season.

So the first thing when dealing with heatgear and coldgear is that heatgear is for the heat, and that coldgear keeps you cold. This might sound like a ‘duh’ point but if you think about it, the heatgear keeps you cool and the coldgear heats you up, so it can be confusing. The second thing, is that you want to wear this directly on your skin as the material is designed to wick away the moisture. You are probably thinking, what moisture? It's cold out! But if you are wearing something like this and do some moving at all, you will be quite warm. Warm enough to sweat most likely. As someone who spent hours every week shoveling snow with this stuff on as a teenager, trust me. Wearing just a normal hat my hair would be soaked after, but I was relatively dry. So remember, buy the coldgear for your winter clothing collection, and the heatgear for summer. See you next week.